About the Mission Hospital


The Clara Swain Hospital was founded by Clara Swain in the early 1870s to provide focused medical care to women and children. Presently, the Clara Swain Hospital remains the “oldest and largest Methodist hospital in India." At the pinnacle of the hospital’s career, 350 patient beds were in use, and an active community outreach program was in place. Additionally, it was the lead institution for nursing education in Northern India. However, by 1998, the hospital had acquired great debt and had only 30 patients in attendance. Subsequently, debate sprung over the decision to officially close the hospital, under the Methodist Church in India.Efforts to revive the hospital were supported by the newly assigned hospital director, Lillian Wallace, and a qualification for a hospital revitalization program, funded by the General Board of Global Ministries. As a result, in 2001, it was reported that the hospital had undergone several renewal projects and as well as an increase in medical equipment, staff, and patients. Additionally, a separate grant was provided by the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries to augment the nursing school’s facilities. As of 2006, the hospital has designated a wing to diagnose and treat HIV/AIDS patients.

About Mission Hospital

Clara Swain Mission Hospital Bareilly (U.P.) is situated near the city center, this Multi Specialty hospital provides 300 beds and a team of highly experienced doctors and support staff. The hospital was the first hospital for women in Asia and was started in the year 1870 by Dr. Clara Swain. The hospital has Sate-Of-the-art equipment and world class facilities with emphasis on excellence in clinical services, diagnostic facilities and research activities. The 350-bedded hospital has dedicated full-time specialists, nurses and paramedics. Our vision is to strengthen healthcare in the communities we serve and also empower our patients to make informed choices. Clara swain Mission Hospital is is a leading, integrated healthcare delivery provider and is driven by the vision of becoming a global leader in the integrated health care delivery space. Our larger purpose is to save and enrich lives though clinical excellence.

To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately & maintain an interest in life.

Our Highlights

  • Centrally located in the heart of the city.
  • Approximately 1.5 Kms from the railway station.
  • Compassionate support staff.
  • International quality infrastructure.
  • Clara Swain Mission Hospital, Bareilly is ISO 900:2008 certified. The value of certification lies in the fact that it is internationally recognised and is an assurance to the customer that a quality system is in the place which the hospital constantly complies with.
  • Sate-of-the- art equipment.
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