Why Mission Hospital


  • Provides excellent quality care delivered safely, efficiently, and with compassion.
  • Lowest appropriate cost to the population we serve.
  • The best clinical practice delivered in a consistent and integrated way.
  • A genuine caring and concern in our interactions with patients, patients, families and one another.
  • The best medical professionals in various clinical specialties are working as a full time consultants.
  • Clara Swain Mission Hospital is the newest multi-specialty hospital with most advanced tertiary care facilities.
  • Technology- a truly world class institution, the Hospital offers doctors and patients cutting edge diagnostic and surgical solutions as well as the latest in IT systems. In many cases, they represent the first of their kind in the region.
  • The state-of-the-art technology and friendly atmosphere combine to provide the best facilities.
  • Excellence: we continuously seek to exceed the expectations of our customers and improving our skills, programs, and services. We believe that teamwork, cooperation, collaboration are essential for excellence.
  • ISO Certified: The values of certification lies in the fact that it is internationally recognized and is an assurance to the customer/patient that a quality system is in place which the hospital constantly complies with.