Department of Blood Bank


Blood Bank

The Inauguration of the Blood Bank was held on the 27th of Feb 2012. Blood Bank at Clara Swain Mission Hospital is dedicated to deliver quality blood products & improving the safety of blood transfusion practice. In our Blood Bank, most of the blood for transfusion is collected from family members and friends as replacement donors. Volunteers donate blood often and the voluntary donation is 60%.
Our state of the art Blood Bank, air-conditioned, working for 24 hours round the clock, has the following facilities. Many of the facilities are being provided for the first time in Bareilly.

Services provided in the blood bank

  • Apheresis (Single donor platelet)
  • Packed cells (PCV)
  • Fresh frozen plasma(FFP)
  • Leucodepleted RBC with integral filter (Filtered RBC)
  • Leucodepleted RBC (L-PCV)
  • Leucodepleted PC (L-PC)
  • Cryo poor plasma (CPP)
  • Cryoprecipitate
There is facility for advance donation. Donate now take later. The donors both advance and volunteers are given cards valid for one year.

Procedures followed at Blood Bank:

  1. Blood Donation: Rigid medical and physical examination of each and every donor to maintain the safety and quality of collected blood because the safety of blood starts with safe blood donation.
  2. Donor Testing: Each and every blood unit collected is tested for Blood Grouping, HIV, Hepatitis B & C Virus, Syphilis, Malaria and incomplete anti-body.
  3. Pre transfusion testing of patient includes Blood Grouping and cross matching.
  4. Strict Quality Control of personnel, reagents, documents and equipment.
  5. All voluntary donors are given an appreciation letter with the transfusiontransmitted disease status and blood group.


  • Donor Couches which are comfortable, for blood donation in Easy and Healthy environment.
  • Compo-mixer For continuous mixing of collecting blood and automatic stop after desired volume of blood collection.
  • Hemacue - Instant and accurate hemoglobin estimation of blood donors.
  • Blood Bank Refrigerators
  • Refrigerated Centrifuges
  • Platelet Incubator and Agitator
  • Deep Freezers
  • Latest version of automatic components expressor T-ACE II
  • Cell separator from Freseneus Kabi Germany.


It is a medical technology in which the blood of a donor is passed through an apparatus that separates out one particular constituent and returns the remainder to the circulation.
It is the procedure by which blood of a donor is intermittently or continuously drawn, required cells separated and the rest infused back to donor continuously. At no point in the procedure the blood comes in contact with cell separation unit. The facilities are provided round the clock by a team of doctors.