Department of Nephrology



The department of nephrology at Clara Swain Mission hospital is well equipped with state of the art hemodialysis unit, and intensive case nephrology, the best in Bareilly.

Facilities and service available:

  • (A) 24 Hours Hemodialysis:
    A Dedicated hemodialysis unit with latest model of hemodialysis machines, with large capacity water plant, provides round the clock day and night hemodialysis.
    SLED (sustained low efficiency dialysis) is performed for patients in shock to allow gentle removal of fluid over several hours.
    Dedicated machines for HCV and HBsAg positive patients are present. Quality of water and hemodialysis facility is maintained as per the recommendations of Indian CKD guidelines.
  • (B) Intensive care Nephrology:
    The ICU has dedicated beds for nephrology patient with bedside hemodialysis facilities available. Acute PD is done for patients with hypotension.
  • (C) CAPD/Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis:
    CAPD is a form of renal replacement therapy done in patients with CKD stage 5. It is done in patients staying far away in remote areas for whom frequent travelling to the city is difficult, hence can be done at home. CAPD is started by putting a Tenckoff’s catheter percutaneously by the nephrologist and exchanges are started after a break-in period of two weeks. CAPD training is given to the patient and the attenders. CAPD clinical coordinators follow these patients for technique training and, retraining at regular intervals at their residence.
  • (D) Percutaneous Venous Tunnelled Catheterization:
    Percutaneous venous tunnelled catheter (Permcath) is put for patient with poor peripheral vasculature or with multiple failed AV fistulas. These catheters provide very high blood-flow rates allowing higher dose of dialysis to be delivered to the patient, resulting in better outcomes.
  • (E) Kidney Biopsy:
    Kidney Biopsy is done under real time ultrasound guidance to diagnose various entities.
  • (F) Plasmapheresis:
    Plasmapheresis is done at the most affordable cost in the city for conditions such as hemolytic uremic syndrome – thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (HUS-TTP), crescentic glomerulonephritis, acute antibody mediated rejection and neurological conditions like Guillain – Barre Syndrome and myasthenia gravis crisis.
  • (G) Kidney Transplant Program:
    We will be soon starting kidney transplant facility program at our hospital including high risk cases with positive crossmatch, HCV and HBsAg seropositive, and retransplant cases.