Cardiac Ambulance

Clara Swain Mission Hospital offers 24 hours round the clock ambulance services, to meet any emergency whether surgical or medical. The Cardiac ambulance can provide all emergency services for the patient, right from the site of the accident or illness Emergencies can occur anywhere. In conditions like heart attack, cardiac arrest -the first hour after heart attack is called 'Golden Hour's, during this period if the patient gets proper treatment, the possibility of the patient recovering is markedly increased. The aim of our Cardiac Ambulance service is to utilize this golden hour.

For Ambulance Service Call at-0581-2500000, 7500612375, 7500712345.

Our Cardiac Ambulances are fully equipped to provide advanced cardiac treatment for the patients like CCU in a hospital. All the members of the team are trained in primary treatment and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

The unique facilities are :

  • The Mobile Critical Care Team: We have a dedicated team for Cardiac Ambulance which includes a doctor who is trained in Intensive Care and is always on board. To assist him with the patient, there is a male nurse and a paramedic, apart from the driver who would also help in the shifting of the patient.
  • Ventilator: This is a breathing machine. It supplies oxygen to all patients, whether adults or children.
  • Cardiac defibrillators-monitors are the most essential piece of life saving equipment carried on board all of our ambulance vehicles.
  • Emergency Kit: It contains all emergency drugs, equipment and infusions (drips). It is available in the ambulance so as to start emergency treatment, on the spot of the emergency.
  • Suction machine: To take out secretions from the lungs.
  • Two-way Communication System