Admission Policy


On Admission

  • Please bring along personal toiletries,slippers/footwear.
  • Keep some cash for miscellaneous purposes or in case of an emergency.Please safeguard your mobile phones.
  • The hospital will not be liable for any loss of money or valuables.Please do not bring video car recording devices into the hospital.
  • We constantly strive to provide you with a bedroom of your choice but you may face a delay allotment.We regret any inconveniences caused.
  • If the room of your choice is not available at the time of admission,you may give your request to the staff in writing and they will try their best to accommodate your request.
  • One 24 hour attendant,2 visitors are the only attendant entry passes issued by the admission. Admission desk is not obliged to issue extra visitor or attendant passes.
  • Remember noise levels and visitor borne infections can hinder the recovery of your patient.

After Admission

  • Change in bed class after admission is done strictly as per bed availability.
  • Interim bill statements will be made available to you on almost a daily basis.
  • We would appreciate it if the amount accrued to your account is settled within 24 hours.
  • We request that only one relative be in the room with the patient.visiting hours are between 9:00am and 5:00pm on weekdays and 11:00am and 1 :00pm on Sunday and public holidays.Visitors must have to go up to wards.During surgery,we provide a single additional pass for a relative.
  • Please help in keeping the noise levels low.
  • When the patient is shifted to the critical care unit,relatives have to vacate the room.
  • Only the billing department processes impatient payments.